Natural Handmade Soap

From Macroom Co. Cork


Handmade Soap – From an Irish Country Kitchen

We have been making Our Natural Soap for eleven years, in small batches in our kitchen in Macroom, and sell it from our stall at local markets and craft fairs.

Traditionally Made

We use the traditional “Cold Process” method using Coconut, Olive and Sunflower oils which each add their own qualities to the texture and feel of the our soap and results in a wonderful creamy lather.

No Palm Oil

Palm oil is not sustainable so we do not use it in our soap

Essential Oils

Our soap is scented with pure, precious essential oils derived from plants. You’ll know by the lovely smells that there are no synthetic fragrances!

Flowers and Herbs

Gardening and nature goes hand-in-hand with our green ethos. We add flowers and herbs from our garden to lots of our soaps

Our Handmade Soap Selection

handmade soap, with flowers and herbs from our garden

These are just four of the sixteen handmade soaps you can choose from. We have a selection of natural soaps that will moisturise or exfoliate and are suitable for sensitive skins.

Natural Ingredients

Our handmade soap is made from natural vegetable oils, Irish spring water and scented with pure essential oils and flowers and herbs from our garden.

Soap €3.50 each!