Handmade Soap from Soap Dreams, Macroom, County Cork



Handmade Soap - From an Irish Country Kitchen

Our handmade soap is made at our home in Macroom Co. Cork. We don't sell our soap through shops and prefer the small scale, "small is beautiful" approach to life! We've being making a living selling our handmade soap through local farmers' markets and craft fairs for the last eight years.

Our Kitchen is a hive of industry on soap making days . . . coconut, olive and sunflower oils are carefully weighed out, the lye solution mixed, the essential oils blended, and the moulds prepared. Soap making is a real labour of love and something of an art form too!.

Whilst stirring our natural soap in a huge pan we can look out of the window across the garden at the flowers and herbs that we use in our handmade soap, as well as the comings and goings of country life . . . cows, horses, cats and crows.

When it's time to pour our handmade soap we gently stir in the essential oils, flowers and herbs and then into the mould it goes. After a few days the soap is wrapped in paper and left to cure like a cheese. A number of weeks later it is finally ready to cut into bars. From there it travels with us to the farmers markets and craft fairs of beautiful County Cork . . . and beyond!!


Our Handmade Soap Selection


handmade soap, with flowers and herbs from our garden

These are just four of the fifteen handmade soaps you can choose from. We have a selection of natural soaps that will moisturise or exfoliate and are suitable for sensitive skins.

Natural Ingredients

Our handmade soap is made from natural vegetable oils, Irish spring water and scented with pure essential oils and flowers and herbs from our garden.

Soap €3.50 each!